Monday, 28 July 2008

Beautiful days

We have had a couple of absolutely stunning days lately, Denmark is really showing itself from it's best side with hot, hot summer weather (better than on Mallorca for example!), blue skies and happy people.

On Thursday, Nathan took the kids home to Thomas apartment in the old Carlsberg-silo, and spent the day there:

And me and Kamilla were out hitting the shops and the sales. Actually, we didn't buy much, but just enjoyed not having the kids (or the husbands!) - had a nice lunch at a café, and a lovely afternoon in the city.

In the evening we were having bbq at our friends Pierre & Dorthe's place. The kids had their dinner before us:

And we had some yummy food too, while the kids had ice cream:




And Linnea:

The evenings have been extraordinary while being here. It was past 21 o'clock (yes I know, but we are on holiday!) and still warm enough for the kids to run around outside and play half naked. Such a treat!
We have really been so spoiled while being on holiday, with all our friends looking after us, showing great hospitality, making our visits easy and not to forget cooking nice food for us... mmm!

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