Saturday, 19 July 2008

Horsham Day 2

We had quite a good night our first night, the kids slept until 05 this morning. Considering we have a 7 hour time difference in our bodies, the jet lag is not too bad. Travelling westbound is actually quite easy, which is lucky - we don't loose too many days of our vacations coming "home".

Today we have been visiting two families. First we went home to Lucas' old nursery best-friend Griffin. He had got a little brother a couple of months ago, Hugo, that got very admired and cuddled - mostly by Linnea:

Lucas and Griffin fell right back into their old friendship, and had an absolute blast together. They were so happy to see each other again; had a big jump on the trampoline, some big wrestles on the grass and even managed to lock themselves in the toilet together, which spurred a minor rescue action... (Even though Lucas' suggestion to Griffin from inside the toilet was for them to become super heroes and "bash" their way out...)

Then we went to town to do some quick errands, and to have lunch, at PizzaExpress. Lucas and Wataru were playing peek-a-boo:

I had a gorgeous salad, and some wine with that, because I could!

This afternoon, we visited the Keys, and mostly admired their newly renovated house. Cameron wasn't too keen on waking up from his nap at first, but then he got going and they kids had a good play. He has grown so big this past year. (Well, apparently so has Linnea!) From toddler to little dude!

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Anna said...

Det var snabbt jobbat Boel!!! I'm impressed...