Monday, 7 July 2008

Every little bit

Brunei is probably not the most environmentally conscious country, even though they try. Here and there you can still make a difference though, even here, by changing small things in your daily routines.

For example, I have bought this big shopping bags (for $1 each) that are re-usable. I now bring them to the supermarket every time, instead of using the tons and tons of little, yellow plastic bags they normally pack in. Not only are they easier to carry but they are good for the environment too.
Every little bit counts.

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NETTAN said...

Visst är dom bra! Får plats mera i (man slipper bära in 25 kassar) och lätta att bära. Och man slipper fortfarande packa själv!
När är det ni åker?

Nettan (Kanada)