Thursday, 24 July 2008

In the wild

Yesterday we had another fab day here in Copenhagen. We are really lucky with the weather here, it's been beautiful days, so nice!
We spent most of yesterday at the Copenhagen Zoo, with some Swedish friends we know from our time in Horsham. It was a long overdue reunion, we hadn't seen one of the families for years!

It was so nice to see them! The kids had such a good day together, it's so cool with friends they have known since they were babies.
Karin & Jens normally live in Berlin, but are home in Sweden for the summer, so it was good timing that we could now manage to meet up here in Denmark.

For some reason, Linnea was really in to the elephants. We spent a long time at their new elephant enclosure (really nice by the way!), just watching them.

Then I got Linnea painted up as a little elephant (her wish), she sat absolutetly still:

And this is when she saw herself in the mirror:

She was very cute!
We had a good look around the ZOO, even though there was a lot of people, it was good value for money as there is so much to see, and it's a very nice ZOO.
Later we took a stroll around town and had some ice cream.

In the evening we went for one of Nathan's favourites, stegt flaesk & persillesovs (fried pork and parsely sauce) at a restaurant who does "all you can eat-pork" every Wednesday night. The last times we have been here in CPH, we have never managed to hit a Wednesday, so it was happy day!

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