Sunday, 13 July 2008

We are in!

I'm surfing on some open network at the moment, so I don't know how much time I have, but I thought I would post a quick one telling you about our move. (Pictures will follow when our own internet is up and running.)

We had a very good day yesterday, very hectic but efficient! At 09.30 four guys with a big truck started loading up our house, and it only took them 45 minutes. It took slightly longer on the other end, cause of course they were putting all the boxes in the right rooms. I just stood there and pointed them in the right directions..! :)

The amah unpacked most of the kitchen, and we did the rest. Upstairs is pretty much all in place already - the kids got their new beds, that we had a carpenter make for us. They are absolutely gorgeous, and the kids seemed to have slept really well in them. Linnea was mostly happy about having her own bathroom, she must have washed her hands about 25 times yesterday!

We got new bedside tables too, and a tv-cabinet for under the tv in the playroom. Most of the toys got unpacked yesterday too (with a lot of help from the little angels...) so the playroom looks really nice.

It's slightly more empty downstairs, cause we are still expecting some more furniture to arrive when we get back from Europe. But we got a console table and a coffee table yesterday.
We had a guy to come and connect our Astro, we had the rubbish guys here to set up a subscription (for them to come and collect our rubbish), the landlord had sent a gardener to tidy up the garden, and a guy came and mounted both TVs and most of our paintings and other things on the walls. It already looks really "homely"!

This is a super house, and we are so pleased! It's fantastic with all this space, and I'm sure we will be really happy here! Yay, it feels so good to have finally moved!


Anki72 said...

Grattis! Vad kul att ni är så nöjda. Ni kommer säkert att trivas toppenbra där. :)

Dogeared said...

Congratulations! I hope the final things are all unpacked and that with new furniture, you feel all settled very soon (or as soon as you can, with Europe coming).