Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My friend the Baroness

My friend Kamilla has just recently moved over to Jylland, to live with her boyfriend. The "big city girl" has now become a farmer girl. She is born and bread in Copenhagen, and have lived there all her life but now, she is in for something else. Her boyfriend lives on a big mansion with 320 ha land (& forrest etc) attached to it, in the middle of the countryside. A very different world to what she is used to!

Yesterday when we went to see her new home, we got the big tour around the grounds. We went to see their ducks that they had planted in an artificial pond. Duck hunt starts on the 1st of September... quack, quack:

Well, she is not really a Baroness of course, but for us and the rest of our friends, she will now be known as Baroness Kamilla!

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