Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I'm vabbar today

Today I'm home to VAB, like they would say in Swedish. VAB = Vård av sjukt barn (=caring for sick child). In Sweden you have a certain amount of days each year, you can take off work with pay, to do VAB.

Not that I'm not home every day anyway, but today I'm just hanging out with Linnea. She has got UTI (=Urinary tract infection) and is not really herself. Thought it was best keeping her home from playgroup today.
She says her bum hurts and she had a temperature yesterday. She apparently can't feel when she needs to go to the toilet, and not only is she weeing all the time but she never makes it onto the potty, and then that upsets her of course... Poor little thing.

We went to the doctor yesterday, and got some antibiotics which should kick it in two days - if only we could get it into her... Yesterday and this morning we struggled, and I really don't like forcing it into her, even though I know she needs to have it. For the next dose, I need to figure out a way of tricking it into her. Any ideas?


cecilia said...

mixing it with juice, promises of ice-cream, sweets - hmmm - anything as long as she takes it?

Scrapper-holic said...

Mix it with ice cream. Works everytime for my niece. Good luck!!