Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A few more photos

Here is our main entrance. It looks a little bit bare at the moment, but it will get better. I have bought all their plants off my neighbours who are leaving and I will get them end of August; as well as their 8-seat outdoor furniture!
Then we just need some outdoor blinds, to cut off the view a bit from the other houses; and I will pimp this space up with some nice lamps and decorations too.
Just today, the amah has cleaned up the flower bed. It had got really overgrown since the previous tenants, and I'm not very keen on any low bushy plants - that's where snakes like to hide... (hey, we do live in the jungle!) So from now on, there will only be stones, and high plants in those flower beds. (If you are wondering about that white frame-thing, it's something I will be using in my scrapbooking.)

Close up photo of the entrance:

Here is the garage:

You can see the other entrance to the right in the shot. It goes to the amah's room, and to the laundry (and then into the house). This is actually the entrance we use the most ourselves, easiest to go straight inside here from the car. The main entrance is just for guests!

And finally, another shot of Linnea's room. I put up their names on their doors yesterday, Lucas got very excited about that when he saw it after waking up this morning:

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Mia said...

Åh, vad fint! Gillar verkligen fotot på Linneas dörr.

Nu bor vi sen i måndags i ett förråd... gulp! ska dock betala hyra ett tag till och sen blir det hus för oss också! :)

Ha det så skönt i Sverige och UK.