Tuesday, 1 July 2008

JIS Celebration Evening

Yesterday the school had their big Celebration Evening to celebrate the end of this school year. This year, they had split the kids up, so that Nursery - Year 2 had an afternoon Celebration and the older kids had theirs in the evening.

We came early which was lucky, because their "assembly hall" is not really a proper assembly hall, but just a big room. There was not enough chairs, not even enough space (!) for everybody that had come to watch their little ones. The room got filled up very quickly and it was very, very hot and sticky in there... poor children.

They showed us a little slide show from each year group, of what they had been up to this year and then they performed some songs (and ballet!) for us.

Nursery and Kindergarten sang three songs: "I am the music man", "The opposites song" and "Grow" (from Hi5). There were so good! It's very touching to see all those little kids stand up there and do their best with all the movements etc. Lucas was right into it, unfortunately I had trouble getting a clean shot of him with the camera, cause there was so many people - and teachers running in the way all the time.
Here are some photos anyway:

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