Monday, 28 July 2008


A big part of coming back "home" on holiday is indulging in all the things you have been missing from your previous lives. Here in DK, it's all about the following (just to mention a few):

Tebirkes (= a special breakfast "bread")
Frösnapper (= same thing)
Piratos (= liquorice)
Kung Fu Is (= ice cream)
Stryhns grovhakket leverpastej (= liver paté)
Koldskål og kammerjunkere (= kind of like youghurt)
Frugt fra torvet (= fruit bought at the market)
Soft ice (= somehow it tastes better in DK!)
Rugbröd (= dark rye bread)
Risted pölse (= Danish hot dog)
Pingvinstang (= candy)


By the way, I also indulge in going to Bilka, Kvickly & Fötex (big supermarket chains) here, to buy food and clothes, it's very exotic for me so I'm easy to please while on holiday! Just find me a Bilka and you have made my day! :)

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