Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Five things

Five good things with this house:

- It's huge! We have so much space, living space and storage space, outdoor space, just space! Lovely!

- It's got flow. Which means that you can walk (or run...) around, from the kitchen to the hall to the dining area into the kitchen again. The kids love it! (And I have always had a weakness for houses with flow, since I was a kid myself.)

- It has nice wooden floors upstairs.

- It has neighbours around, that we can spy on! ;)

- I love it!

Five not so good things:

- All the toilets take so much time to flush, and they make noise forever.

- There is only one electrical socket in each room (some have two.)

- There are too many big windows downstairs, slightly scary when you are home alone at night.

- It's so big we loose each other and spend half our time walking around calling out after each other! ;)

- The thunderstorms are worse up this end of town. I've never been scared of thunderstorms, but I'm not too keen on the big ones, when I'm home alone.

1 comment:

Cissi said...

Åh vad fint huset ser ut!! Förstår att ni är nöjda!!