Saturday, 5 April 2008

"Det flasker sig"!

After eight months, we are making progress regarding moving out of our temporary accommodation and into a proper house. We have got a house, finally!

It's a great house, in a great location, so we are very happy.
The house has a garden with both green areas (for trampolining etc) and some cemented areas (for biking etc) and it has a separate amah's room with it's own entrance.
There is a big, big room downstairs which is both the entrance, lounge and dining room all in one. The kitchen is big enough to room a table, and there is a huge washing/storage room, and lots of extra storage space in a big cupboard off that room. The downstairs has a nice "flow" to it, with two doors to the kitchen, so you can run around and around... which the kids love!
There is also a downstairs toilet, and a guest room with it's own bathroom downstairs.

Upstairs there is a big landing which will be the playroom for the kids; and four bedrooms. Three of them with each their bathroom, and a small fourth one which will be the office come scrap room!

The people who are currently living in the house are not RBA people, but the landlord are renting out three other identical houses in the same simpang (=street) to RBA-families, so he was happy to let us have this one when they move.
We know all the people in the neighboring houses, and they are all nice people, so it feels good - knowing that we are moving to a good area!

The current tenants wont be leaving until in the beginning of July, but hey - time flies really fast at the moment, and at least now we KNOW that we will be moving soon, so it feels great!
"Det flasker sig" (=things are "bottle-ing"?) as they say in danish, when things go your way. Det flasker sig!

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