Saturday, 5 April 2008

Hay doe!

Guess what? I'm having Svensk Hällakaka (=arctic bread) for breakfast, with Kalles Kaviar (=creamed smoked fish roe) on it! What a good start on a day!
I can have this wonderful food this morning, because I went to Singapore with Anna & Maria yesterday for the day, and we went to IKEA!

Actually, Maria had to go to get a new passport and as you know our closest Embassy is in Singapore. So Anna and I kindly offered to come along and keep her company, as good friends do!
The stop at the Embassy didn't take long, they were very efficient. We did call in and say hello to our buddy the Ambassador though, and he was really happy to see us.

Then we went along Orchid Road and did some powershopping. Didn't buy many things actually (had just been shopping in NZ, all shopped out believe it or not!), but it was nice to browse "proper" shops, and just hang out. We had a lovely civilized lunch with WINE (yes, you do feel like a teenager sometimes here "he he, alcohol, he he let's go for it!) at a fish restaurant and then on the way to the airport, it was time for the highlight of the day -

We browsed the marketplace, which is the best part and got some bits and bobs; and of course went to the food shop and stocked up. We had brought a cooler bag each full with ice packs, just for the occasion.
We brought back not only Kaviar, but also Daimkaka (=Almondy cake), Prinsesstårta (=Princess cake), Hallonsnören (=candy strings), Ahlgrens Bilar (candy), Hushållsost (=cheese) and other things.
I also managed to try out and buy me and Nathan some new beds (talk about powershopping!) and get them organized to be shipped over here, soft, soft, new beds... aaaahhhh...

We came home very late and very tired last night, but very happy! Had a lovely, lovely day - thanks girls!

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