Sunday, 20 April 2008

Can't keep up!

I can't keep up! The days are spinning by far too fast for me to be able to fit everything in at the moment.

Tomorrow we are off to Sydney for two weeks (and I haven't even started to pack yet!) to hang out with the family, celebrate a birthday, go to Hunter Valley and taste wine, join a few Scrapbooking classes, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, do some sightseeing, visit the Zoo and see some Swedish friends.

By the time we get back, it's time for my Scrapbooking talk at the big meeting, and hopefully I will be able to kick-start my new scrap-adventure. (More about that later). The week after the meeting, it's already time to hit off to KK for the climb of Mt Kinabalu !
It's only three weeks left in school after we get back, until the next midterm holidays, and then just another five weeks until the long summer holidays!

Hopefully, by then we should be getting ready to move in to our new house, and then off to Europe for a break at the end of July.
When we get back in August, it will be a new chapter for us, with a big house finally, and both kids in school! Someone - pull the brakes, I can't keep up!

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Dogeared said...

Wow, lots of good things coming up for you! Whreabouts are you going in Europe? I hope it's fabulous for you all!

amelia said...

Jag håller med, jag har lust att skrika "stop, stop, stanna, vänta på mig!!!" Du verkar verkligen ha en hel del framför dig, men många roliga saker! Ta ett djupt andetag emellanåt bara, gumman. Kram!

Familjen i Rom said...

Känner igen mig... och du har väl sett min blogg de senaste månaderna... - no comment. Ha en jättebra resa till Sydney - allt låter så spännande! Kramar!