Thursday, 3 April 2008

Maisy Mouse

We are having the honour of Maisy Mouse at our house this week. She is the Mouse class mascot, and she has been travelling to different homes and places all school year. The kids have taken turns in having her home with them.
You are supposed to bring Maisy along around your everyday life and take pictures of what you are up to. Along with Maisy comes a scrapbook/travel journal where the kids are encouraged to draw pictures, or stick in the photos of your week.
They then use the book at sharing time, it's quite nice!

We are almost last to have Maisy, so she has already done a lot of exciting stuff. Plus, we are not having anything special planned this week, so the pictures will be quite ordinary - but it doesn't matter. Lucas is enjoying having her, and reads her a story at night, sleeps with her, and is very conscious to take her along to whatever he is doing. Tomorrow for example, she will be going to football in the afternoon. (And I'm looking forward to scrapping their page on Sunday! :))

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Dogeared said...

That's really cute, I like that idea!