Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Book Week Parade

This week in school, they have "book week". Everything evolves around books, and today they kids were supposed to bring in their favourite story, and if possible dress up like a character from the book.

There was a lot of princesses, ballerinas, fairies, different superheroes - and even a camel, amongst other figures!
Lucas was dressed up like "Little Kiwi", from the series of "Little Kiwi"-books. He had his AllBlack-shirt, AllBlack-trousers and a cap with a beak stuck on to it. He thought he looked really cool and was very proud of his outfit.

Linnea and I stayed on for a bit after drop-off and took part in the morning assembly, where Alice in Wonderland came and read a story to the children.
We also saw the parade, where all the kids in Kindy showed off their beautiful outfits! I really enjoy these endless opportunities they give the parents to participate in all the things they do at school. It's great to come along and take part, and the kids love having their mums & dads there too.

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amelia said...

Vad söta dom är! Kul idé det där med att dom skulle klä ut sig till någon i favoritboken. Undrar just vad mina barn skulle välja, pippi skulle den minsta vara tror jag, den stora... någon sorts princessa antar jag... Det är jätte kul att läsa din blogg och följa hur ni har det tycker jag!