Sunday, 6 April 2008

Slow Sunday

We have come to the end of another week and today have been a real
S u n d a y, even in our house. A very nice and slow day.
Poor Nathan had a super early start this morning with a 04.30 check-in, but then he was back home again at about 09.30. We just hung around at home for most of the day - I was scrapping, Nathan watching rugby, Lucas playing with his Lego and Linnea, ehm, just being Linnea - until late afternoon. We then had to go and get some more printer cartridges and decided to have dinner in town. Pizza, yum.

Otherwise it has been a good week. Of course, my Singapore-trip was lovely; Lucas had been to football that day, but again without really taking part. He says he is scared, because "I'm just a little boy". Ah well, we will keep taking him at least until the midterm holiday. He will hopefully warm to it.
The kids have had a good week a part from that with a few play dates, always nice.

I've been doing my workout and hash of course, and the Team also had a meeting with a girl who has been climbing Mt KK three (!) times. It was really good to talk to a woman who had done it, she had some clever things to tell us that all the guys hadn't mentioned.

We've spent some time at the Yacht Club too as usual. Here is Linnea the other day, doing her best shark impression which comes with the hand in front of her and a *duh-du, duh-du*-sound (the theme from "Jaws"). She is funny!

And here she explains what she did in the water:

This is Lucas and Adam, playing hide-and-go-seek with Thomas who is hiding:

Next week is another really busy week - Junior School is having a Treasure Hunt in Bukit Shabandar on Sunday, I'm going to the hairdresser on Wednesday, tomorrow I'm having an important meeting after having lunch with a friend; plus the usual playgroups, play dates, hash, exercise and other activities. Nathan is having one short, one long day at work and one late split duty where the rest of us hardly notice he is gone, cause it's overnight.
This is it - Life in Brunei!

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