Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Scrap Happy!

I have got a new gig! And I’m so happy!

In the beginning of May, I am going to do a presentation at a BCL-meeting about my passion for scrapbooking.
BCL, the British Community Link, do meetings once a month, where people (mostly the ladies) get the chance to meet and network. They offer coffee and snacks, and they invite a speaker each time to talk about an interesting subject.

They've had all sorts of different presentations: by Body Shop, one from a lady that talked about different walks around BN, one from a Dr that talked about cosmetic surgery (and did a botox injection live on stage!), one from a chef talking about what you can do with the local groceries, one lady talking about benefits of yoga etc. The list goes on and on.
Now they were ready for something crafty, and they contacted me. Of course, I was up for it, but I felt that I didn’t just want to stand there and talk about this fantastic hobby, and get people all hooked and interested - without being able to offer them a chance to try it!

So, I have thought about doing classes for people, starting out with ”Basic Beginners Scrapbooking” and continuing with different workshops and other small projects, such as mini-books and cards according to season.

I hope it will really take off - maybe I have a new career in front of me?!


Scrapper-holic said...

Woohoo well done!! The class looks fun!! Don't forget to drop me a line when registration for your class starts!! I'll be sure to sign up!!

Familjen i Rom said...

Låter toppen!
Grattis till att ni hittat ett hus också!

Cissi said...

Gud vad roligt för dig! Stort grattis! Det kommer att gå hur bra som helst!