Tuesday, 8 April 2008

V is for Vegetables

Today's Tuesday Theme is "Mat" (=food); and very appropriately, today's adventures included a vegetable market!

Lucas' Kindy class was going on an excursion with the bus today, to the Sengkurong vegetable market. I had offered to come along as a helper, and of course I brought my camera!

We were actually six parents coming today, so plenty of adults to help the kids pick and choose their veggies. We each took a few of the children around the market.
We had such a great time!

I had Lucas and Malthe in my little group, and they had $3 each to shop for, which equaled a fortune at the market. Especially since they only bought two or three pieces of each vegetable, and actually got most of it free! (They normally sell them by kilo of course.)
We spent about $4.50, and got all sorts of veggies: potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, salad, carrots, beetroot, green beans, bananas (not a veggie, I know...), aubergine, orcha, tomatoes, pumpkin and some funny-looking ones we bought just because they looked funny - I had no idea what it was!

Tomorrow the kids are going to use the vegetables to make a vegetable soup, and also do some veggie printing I think.

($1 = 4,30 SEK/3,40 DKK/€0,45/£0,35)


Cissi said...

åh vad kul! Julian gjorde också det med sin skola för ett tag sen. Visst är det kul att vara med och hjälpa till?

Paula said...

Hoppas ni slipper äta banansoppa då....hihi

Mys liv och hem said...

Grönsaksmarknad och sommar.Vilken lycka!