Sunday, 6 April 2008

Kindy Schedule 07-11 April

Term 3 Week 2 The weather/Storms
Focus activities:

Letter of the week – V for vegetables
Weather Bear – What will he wear today?
Role play – TV weather presenters / weather reports
Feelings – how does the weather make us feel?
Stories about storms and their effects - Stormy music – Composing stormy music with percussion instruments
Story – Mr. Wolf’s week – Days of the week; what clothes for different types of weather & times of day
What clothes do we wear for different activities?

Next week they will be talking about vegetables at school, since the letter for the week is v. On Tuesday the class is going on an excursion to the Sengkurong Vegetable Market, and I have offered to come along as parent helper this time. It's going to be fun to see how they kids all behave!
They are all taking their own money ($3), to buy and choose their own vegetables to make vegetable soup with on Wednesday in cooking.

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