Friday, 18 April 2008

Linnea right now

Linnea is almost 2 1/2 years old now. For those of you who haven't seen her in a while, this is who she is at the moment:

Favorite movie: Anything Astrid Lindgren (apart from "Emil", his Daddy is too scary!)

Favorite food: She likes rice, a lot - or anything the rest of us are eating

Favorite clothes: At the moment it's all about getting dressed and undressed, she likes going through all the clothes in her wardrobe, putting them on and taking them off, over and over again

Favorite drink: Apple juice, always

Favorite book: Emil i Lönneberga (yes I know, but in book form he's not so scary!)

Favorite song: Lille Katt, still

Favorite friend: Lucas. And Daniel, and Jemimah, and Scarlet...

Likes: Dolls, teddies, painting; playing anything with Lucas, running around being silly, dancing, having picnic outside

Dislikes: Not to get her way, she has quite a temper!

She can... count to ten, the alphabet-song and other songs, dress and undress herself, construct full and grammatically correct sentences in both swedish and english, puzzle really well; amongst other things.


Familjen i Rom said...

Stora tjejen!
Åh så söt!

Mia said...

Sötnos! Min L dricker också bara äpplejuice.

WatsonBrunei said...

mia - Ja, jag fick idéen till denna post från din blogg för ett tag sedan. Har suttit på den sedan dess! Tack.
Så din L gillar också äpplejuice, där ser man!

familjen i rom - Du vet, sååå stor, det går så fort!!!

En häxa på vift said...

Vilken solstråle! :)

Anna Malaga said...

Vilken duktig tjej! Och söt..