Monday, 7 April 2008


Nathan ordered a new speakersystem quite a while ago, from Singapore. It was going to get shipped over here and he has been waiting eagerly. Today it finally came - and he was sooo happy! That was, until he unpacked the boxes and realized... it was the wrong speakers...

Strangely though, in all the email conversations he has had back and forth with the shop previous to the purchase, it's always the correct speakers mentioned, even on the PACKING slip that came with the boxes upon delivery, the right ones are listed; so how on earth did they manage to send us the wrong ones?!
God knows, but this is how it looks in our otherwise already totally cramped livingroom/diningroom/playroom/office at the moment:

We haven't heard back from the shop today - but we are eagerly awaiting a decision on how they are going to resolve this matter. Nathan more than me obviously, I can make do with the old system... but I do feel sorry for him. He was so happy...

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