Monday, 21 April 2008

Sport time

Yesterday it was time for the Kids Hash again. It's only once a month, so better make an effort when it's on, to go. Nathan was off yesterday, so we could both go with the kids, which was nice. (Although yesterdays run was a lot easier than last months run, where we had to carry the kids through waist-deep water etc.)
Here is Lucas, Adam and Malthe in the jungle:

The kids really enjoyed it yesterday especially since all their little friends were there too. They were all really clever and kept looking for "the white paper". They did all their walking, even Linnea. And she really looked the part this time too, so cool:

What they seem to enjoy the most is all the play afterwards - and the hotdogs of course!

This morning, Anna, Maria and I did a Bukit together - with full backpacks! It was actually really hard (at least for me) and I thought I had overpacked mine, until I felt the other girls backpacks at the end of the run, and realized mine was not even half as heavy as theirs...

Well. I keep telling myself, that at least it wont be this hot up on the mountain. We will be fine. We are actually in very good shape by now! My mantra is "we can do it, we can do it"...

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