Sunday, 16 March 2008

First Kids Hash

Once a month, they arrange a Kids Hash (or some call it Junior or Family Hash) somewhere in the jungle of Brunei. I decided it was about time we joined in on that too and today was the day!

It was a really hot afternoon today, we were hot and bothered already before it started, but loads of people were there to take part. They lay three different tracks, one for the older kids, one for the younger children and one for the toddlers.
You can see everybody here, going off in different directions. That's Linnea in the hat in the left corner:

They do the same thing with the paper trail, as for the adult ones. We had to follow the green paper today - the kids were all into looking for the paper.

After having completed todays track, we strongly doubted though, that whoever had laid the toddler track had actually had a toddler with them! It was a hard one! At one stage, I was in water up to my thighs, not a chance any toddler could have crossed that stream on their own without drowning!
Anne took Daniel over, and I took Linnea and then went back to get Lucas. Since I was by then already totally wet and yucky, I went back once again to get Malthe too so Anne didn't have to get in again. And yes, it got deeper than in this photo:

Lucas was brave and walked all of it by himself (took about 30 minutes), he grabbed on to the trees to help him up and down, and only sometimes needed my hand as support.

Linnea of course, needed to be carried quite a bit of the way. Mostly because the hills were too steep for her to climb on her own, but also because it was really muddy so she kept sliding and landing on her bum, and got a bit scared. But we did it, as a team effort!

Afterwards, you could buy hotdogs, and relax a bit. The kids were all playing, still full of energy, and they also organized some game involving eggs, since it's soon Easter.
Here they are, enjoying their dinner:

It was a really nice afternoon - and we will absolutely come back! (Next time I hope Nathan isn't working so I don't have to do it all on my own...)


Julie M said...

Hope you don't mind me popping in to your blog. I'm a participant in the 366 Photo in 2008 challenge and came to you through Mia's blog. I'm finding the tales of your life in Brunei fascinating - I enjoy reading about the places I'll probably never get a chance to visit.

Dogeared said...

Sounds an awful lot more exciting than my weekend! Yay for kids hash!

Scrapper-holic said...

Did Lucas and Linnea enjoy the egg toss? Tyler was not keen mainly because he loves eating eggs and wanted to cook his instead!! My other nephew brought his home and had it for breakfast this morning. LOL!!