Friday, 7 March 2008

Sporty Spice

We are starting more and more to look like one of the families from the card game Löjliga familjen (=Happy Families) - Mr Sporty, Mrs Sporty, Master Sporty, and here we present:

Miss Sporty

She is wearing Lucas' new football boots (he should have started this afternoon, but it seems to be raining away today unfortunately), and Nathans new tennis sweatbands (I got some too, a necessity in this clima, even though it makes us look a bit over the top).
It is almost silly how much sports gear we have bought since we have been here, but then again - we hardly owned any (or did any sport!) in the UK, so there we go!
We all really enjoy this new lifestyle for sure, being able to enjoy so much sport is one of the best things with being here.


Familjen i Rom said...

En sån söt miss Sporty!

Dogeared said...

I didn't realise you lived in the UK before. I'm finding a bunch of new Blogs lately, and it's so odd jumping into reading, without knowing much about the people!

UK weather to exotic Brunei.... yeah, that's a swap I'd make right now ;-)

Watson Family said...

dogeared - Yes, we spent about 4,5 years in the UK before coming here (I'm Swedish and my hubbie from NZ), in a little town called Horsham, not far from Gatwick. N worked for easyJet back there - and sure, I miss our friends and so on, but I can safely say we made a good choice coming here!
(Before UK we lived 5 years in Copenhagen.)

Dogeared said...

Wow, talk about international! I love my family, I really do, but there are odd moments when I wistfully think i'd be nice to be more international. It's not helped by working in the finance side of Reuters, where there are about 13 nationalities, and umpteen languages spoken! I think my family's as English as they go, going back!

So to read about a Swedish-New Zealand pair, and living in Denmark and England and now Brunei... oh dear, there's the wistful part of me twitching again! ;-)

Closest I've come, was my year abroad in Italy, for my degree. Thanks for letting me see what Brunei's like, vicariously!