Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bunny Hunt

Yesterday was also the last day of school before the two week Easter Holiday.
The children had been taking about Easter all week, and finished off by receiving a letter from the Easter Bunny! It said that he had been by and left some pictures of his bunny friends in the Kindy playground; and if the kids could find them, they would get a treat!

Us parents were all invited to take part in this event and the children were very excited! They had made special Easter bunnets and pretty baskets, and equipped with those off they went on a bunny hunt.

Here Lucas is with the picture he found:

And here he is with his treat:

Even Linnea managed to find a picture, and got a treat - lucky girl!

I really enjoy when we get invited to take part in these different activities in school, and I'm sure the kids love it when we come too. It's so nice to see what they do, and see the interaction between Lucas and all his little friends.

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