Thursday, 27 March 2008

First Giant visit

We have been waiting for a while now for this huge shopping complex to open, just across the road from us. It's Malaysia's leading retailer chain "Giant" that finally has come to Brunei. They have been busy building it forever it seems, but last Saturday it finally had it's grand opening, and today we decided we better go and check it out.

We made the mistake going there at lunchtime, and although the parking was indeed enormous we had trouble finding a park, it took us at least 20 minutes.
The hypermarket certainly lives up to it's name. It's a Bruneian version of Bilka/Coop/Asda - and it is really gigantic. Not only do they sell groceries, but everything else from shoe shelves and tool boxes to carpets and vacuum cleaners. They also have a food court outside, and lots of little shops selling all sorts of different things.

We weren't too impressed though. It was big, yes. It had lots of things, yes. But not really the things we want, like fresh milk, cheese (that is not already sliced) and a big fresh meat selection.
It's a shame, because it's so close, but I will stick to my normal supermarket I think.

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