Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Making a home

Even though we are still in temporary accommodation (yes... still...) we have as you might have read in earlier posts bought a few things of our own already (the toy-shelf and the sofas f.e).
All to try and minimize the feeling of living in a holiday apartment - and to make this house a home.

Last week we decided to go ahead and have some furniture custom made, since out here that's really cheap. There was a few things I had thought about for a while, like some bookshelves and a play table.
I surfed around and found some pictures on the internet of items similar to what I wanted and also made a few sketches.
Someone recommended us a carpenter, so we contacted him last Wednesday and he came around the same afternoon to take measurements - and today (only one week later!) he delivered our furniture:

Two bookshelves (copies from a wonderful shop in the UK):

A play table with a drawer, for Linnea's farm, made to fit the play mat perfectly:

A little table to raise the doll's house to a better play level:

The farm table and the bookshelf in Linnea's room:

And the bookshelf on it's place in Lucas' room:

I am really pleased with all the items, and it feels good to have found a reliable carpenter. Once we have found a house I will have a few more things done:
I would like to have some sort of big play table, or storage shelf, for all Lucas' Lego; I would like some small shelves and ledges for bits and bobs in the kids rooms; and last but not least - I will have him construct a play house for the kids!
That is, when we find a house...

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