Sunday, 16 March 2008

I'm getting high

Someone told me the other day at the gym "you have really got the bug, haven't you?!". I guess so. The bug, the buzz, the high... call it what you want, I sure have it and it's doing me good!

"Which bug?" you might ask - the exercise bug.
I prefer to describe it as I have found my "high". You know that feeling you get, after you have done some serious workout; that content and proud feeling of having accomplished something you didn't think you could, or just that nice feeling after having worked yourself really hard.

I love that feeling. I kind of get high on that feeling every time, and that feeling is what I'm after when I exercise. That is what keeps me going on my treadmill or up and down my Bukit-hills. I get through it, because I'm longing for that feeling I get when I'm done!

As you know, I have made several attempts before to get into shape, start an exercise routine. I have never succeeded before, I have always given up after a few weeks or months, out of boredom.
I have understood now, it was because I never kept going long enough - I never reached that high. There was nothing that motivated me enough to continue through the hard parts. I always finished halfway through, and then the next time, exercise was even more of a chore...

Now I love it! All my exercise, I love it!
Mostly because I hunger for that high!

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