Friday, 7 March 2008

License to drive

Another box ticked, we have now got our drivers licenses. F i n a l l y.
(Well, we couldn't get them until we had our ICs and as you know we couldn't get them until Nathan had his work visa, and that took forever etc...) It's all a vicious circle but we are getting closer and closer to being fully integrated!

The Bruneian drivers licenses are pretty basic. Just a small piece of paper, not laminated or anything; no picture on it - just your address (?) and passport number.
Ah well, at least now we are driving legally; and have to be more careful with our speeding, cause now we can get fined! :)

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Familjen i Rom said...

Jag tycker det verkar gå ganska snabbt, här i Italien i alla fall i Rom tar det ofta l å n g tid att fixa sånt, även om det börjar bli bättre.