Saturday, 1 March 2008


In a hot climat like ours it is of course extra important to keep hydrated. You shouldn't drink the water straight out of the tap here, and there are different solutions to that.
We do three things:

* We have a water purifier (that filters the water) connected to the tap in the kitchen. We use that water for all our cooking, rinsing vegetables etc and for the water boiler and coffee machine.

* We have a water dispenser with Sehat water. As we (read: I) didn't want to keep lugging bottled water home from the supermarket, we chose this (also cheaper) option. They deliver these bottles to you. We have a couple of them, and when they are all empty we just call, and they come within a few hours to replace them for us.

* We have a well stocked drinks fridge!
We have any soft drink available, loads of different kinds of juice and of course keep the beer and wine collection as full as we can as well!
"Going for drinks/cocktails" at peoples houses is a big thing here, since you can't meet up in bars or drink out. You generally bring your own alcohol and mixers for this, so it's a good thing to keep a good supply.

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