Saturday, 1 March 2008

Square eyes

Poor Lucas, he is well on his way to get square eyes.
He has been home from school for three days, and done nothing but watch tv, *sigh*, because he has been "så schuuuk" (=so sick).
He has had a fever, and been really lethargic. Friday we thought he was ok, he seemed perky and had no temperature, so we took him to school - only to have to come and pick him up a couple of hours later because he was weak and sluggish.
(I wasn't too sure if he was actually putting it on at that stage, to get to stay at home and watch tv, they are clever like that, the little creatures!)

But today the nose is running too, and he has got a cough. Poor thing.
Nathan hasn't felt well either, so the two of them have been lying on each their sofa feeling sorry for themselves.

Linnea have been to Melissa's, to playgroup and we have had two playdates; but I think today we will have to stay at home all of us. Nathan is at work, so someone needs to keep Lucas company... on the sofa...

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