Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tuesday Theme - Fritid

Today's Tuesday Theme is fritid (=free time/spare time).

Obviously, with young kids, there isn't too much of that; but every now and then while they are playing nicely or watching a movie, I sit down here, at my scrap table:

I love my scrapping! I don't have a proper scrap-corner (there is no room for that in this house), it's all a bit temporary, but I do enjoy having a little bit of my own space, even if it's just a desk.


Eva / whiskyochchampagne said...

Visst är det kul att scrappa...även om jag fortfarande har svårt att kalla det så...här pysslas det...hihi !
Ha en fin tisdag !
K R A M från EVA !!!

emma said...

Vilken mysig pysselhörna!

Cattis said...

en egen liten hörna är väl inte så dumt :)

Scrapper-holic said...

You are the most organized person ever!! I love your space regardless of how small it is. Everything is so neat and tidy!! I havent scrapped in ages!! Seriously!! And my space is just a huge mess with a leaky roof. :-(