Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bukit Shabandar

Today I put my hiking legs to very good use. My friend Anna thought it was about time I "did a Bukit". That is, went around the track at Bukit Shabandar, a recreational park and one of the 11 forest reserves in Brunei.

It consists of hectares upon hectares of jungle and greenery - filled with tracks and paths for hiking, jogging or biking. I'm very proud to say, I did the whole loop = up and down NINE big hills..! That is a lot of up and down I tell you!
Here is a map of it all:

The park also contains a picnic area, a labyrinth and a very nice play area for kids. Many families come here to relax and play, mostly on the weekends.
But early mornings like today, you only see other hikers around who are completing different tracks on the hills.
Sometimes there is actual steps, other times you just have to make do with roots and stones to get up or down. It's quite a challenge, but what kept me going was thinking:
-"I will get a Kylie-bum... I will get a Kylie-bum... I will get..."

Here is the beginning of it all, this is nothing compared to what will come:

Here for example, one of the killer hills:

(Photo borrowed from Google Earth. Photographer: erlangga)

Here I am, taking a breather after having just crossed a river:


A nice little fella' we met along the way:

We also saw a big troupe of monkeys, heard lots of cool jungle noice and Anna saw a green snake - but it was gone before I got the camera up unfortunately.
Mostly, we saw plenty of beautiful scenery - the view certainly is better from the top!

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Dogeared said...

Wow, talk about a workout! And nice mantra to be chanting - I'm sure with that kind of determination (and an exercise buddy), you'll get there :D