Friday, 14 March 2008

First football practice

Lucas was starting football today.
Lots of his little friends go to the RBA Club each Friday, to play football, and we thought that being involved in a team sport would do him good. It was all quite exciting.
Nathan had bought him some little football boots and shin guards, and dressed him up in his Swedish football outfit. He looked very cool.

He did a good job listening to instructions and paying attention to the coach:

Although he didn't get it right every time. Here he ran a bit too far away, they were supposed to stop on the line, but Lucas ran to the end of the field - and was happy he had "won"! Bless...

He didn't seem all convinced though. A one hour session in the hot sun of the afternoon, was a bit much this first time. He gave up after about 35 minutes, and sat and watched with us from the sideline. When I asked him if he wanted to come back next time, he was very hesitant. Maybe it was the slightly rough ambiance at the practice, maybe it was just that it was sooo hot.

Even the water bottle was colour coordinated!

The coach, Frank ("the football man" as Lucas said) was very firm with all the boys, quite strict and very loud, but all the kids seemed to love him. As much as he yelled at them, as much he gave praise too - and keeping a rowdy lot of about 20 4-7 year olds in line can't be easy!

We do hope that Lucas will want to go back again, it really seemed like all the boys had lots of fun!

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Dogeared said...

It can't have been easy all that activity in the heat, I guess - but good for him, working so hard! I hope he finds he wants to do it again, he looks so smart in his Swedish kit!