Saturday, 29 March 2008

Kindy Schedule 31 March-4 April

Term 3 Week 1 – Weather
Focus activities:

Big book – I like the rain
Weather Bear – What will he wear today?
Song – What is the weather today? Plus other rain and sun songs
Role play – TV weather presenters / weather reports
Making Weather spinners
Numbers – Higher and higher
What is your favourite type of weather? – simple graph actitivy…

Easter Holidays are over, and on Monday Lucas goes back to school again.
Next week they are going to talk about weather, and on Monday they are asked to bring a photo of themselves dressed up for a special type of weather. I think we will send a photo of Lucas in his snowsuit - that will be a bit different!
Wednesday they have wet weather day, and will have to come dressed in rainy day clothes, and bring an umbrella! Looks like it will be a fun week!

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