Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Kiwi patient

I thought I would give you all a little update from NZ.

Nathan’s Dad, Bruce, is home again already. He got scanned all over the other day, but had no internal injuries or bleedings, luckily. He looks like a ”troll” though, with scrapes and bruises all over and a big black eye, with stitches around it.

He doesn’t remember much of the accident itself, but he seems to recall two big logging trucks passing by and knocking him over. He was found by the side of the road, and was conscious but didn’t know who he was for over 2 hours, so they couldn’t contact Yvonne, Nathan’s Mum.
They were quite worried at first, because he went in and out of consciousness, was pretty groggy and couldn’t answer simple questions. They looked at his helmet, that had suffered big damage, and were worried about internal traumas. Hence our quick decision to come.

But after a night in hospital, he already perked up, and could come home.
So now we are looking forward to celebrating Easter together! (It all was a bit surreal to be here yesterday actually, one moment we are swimming at the Yacht Club, the next we are on a plane to NZ. I couldn’t get my head around it at first, because I was so set on travelling Thursday, to Bali.)
NZ of course is lovely though, as always. The kids are enjoying spending time with their Grandparents and we all are having a good time.

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Dogeared said...

I'm glad he's OK - it sounds scary to be lying there, and not knowing who you are. I'm glad he's home safe and sound, and recovering well - have a good Easter, all of you!