Friday, 14 March 2008

Oh Happy Day!

This morning I went on the scales, as usual - but, imagine my surprise, when this...

... is what I saw! I had to go and get the camera, to capture this important moment: I am under 70 kgs for the first time since pre-children!!! YAY!
(Don't worry, I wont photograph every step of my weight loss, but this, this was a significant milestone for me!)

My goal is (and has been for a long time, or maybe, it's been more of a dream...) to get down to 65 kgs again, which would fit my 175 cms quite nicely. Up until now, that has proven impossible for me, believe me, I have tried... - but it seems like our new sportier and healthier lifestyle here in Brunei is doing the trick!

Not that the number that shows on the scales is the most important thing, but it is a nice motivation. :)
I can also feel in myself that I have become more fit, I can feel I have got muscles now and I can notice it on my clothes. I can also see it when I look in the mirror or on recent photos.

You know what - it is the greatest feeling!


Familjen i Rom said...

wow,grattis! Jag har samma mål, men just nu går det i fel riktinig...

Dogeared said...

Woohoo! You deserve to be proud of the achievement, if it's a milestone for you. And even better, it will spur you on to continue, which means you'll only get better and fitter.

Yay you!

Scrapper-holic said...

Well done!! Keep it up!!