Friday, 25 March 2011

A room with a view

As I said earlier, our hotel room in Auckland had seriously good views, in three directions. We could see both the Sky Tower and the Harbour Bridge, from the lounge area.

When we left for a walkabout, the Pooh bears got to enjoy the view of the Harbour Bridge as well.

We could also see the Sky Tower clearly. We saw one person who did the Sky Jump, a form of controlled rappelling, and some of the people who did the walk around the Observation platform.

And one morning, some buckets all of a sudden appeared outside our windows...

And then some feet..! Hm...

It was window cleaners! Lucas had a great old chat with one of them.

At one stage we had one in each window - lucky the bathroom had a blind, otherwise we would never had gotten ready that day!

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