Wednesday, 16 March 2011


It was a big day today, not only did Linnea have a long excursion this morning but after school it was also time for the 'Junior School Disco'. A yearly event at school, and always really popular.
This year's disco had the theme 'Pyjama Party' so all the kids changed into their pyjamas as soon as the bell went for the day; and ran upstairs to the venue of the disco.
Getting their ticket to entry:

All the kids were moving and grooving like there was no tomorrow!
The disco only lasted for one hour, and both Nathan and I were more than happy to stay and wait for that time - and enjoy all the different dancing techniques. An astonishingly big amount of the kids (these were in the ages of 4-7) had really good moves going on! It was a joy to watch!
Although, they did play a special song for all the Mums and Dads that were there for us to participate to, the 'Macarena' (Aaah, sweet memories..!)...

Lucas and his year group also did a hugely anticipated (by me!) performance of their "Ice Cream Freeze"-dance (by Hannah Montana) that they had practiced for a couple of weeks now in PE. Unfortunately, I missed it (!), since I was out with Linnea getting her snack... :(
Here's a photo of it, hopefully I'll get hold of another little movie of their dance that was made earlier today and can post that at a later date:

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