Monday, 28 March 2011

Dining ducks

We had some leftover bread from our in-the-room breakfasts and Lucas came up with the idea of feeding it to the ducks down the harbour beach.
I did warn the kids that once they brought out the bread and the first ducks got wind of the food, they might arrive in big numbers, and get rather in-your-face.
Well, it only took about 10 seconds, and the nice little feeding session...

... turned into a kamikaze feeding! Lucas applied the "throw-it-far-away-really-fast"-method, whereas Linnea used the slightly more aggressive "roar-really-loudly"-method, at any duck that came up too close...

The ducks were indeed fearless. I guess in a place like is they are really used to people.

A nice ending to the afternoon though! (And then we had ice cream!)

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