Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Best ribs - EVER..!!!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about our Sunday night in Singapore!
You see - we wanted to redeem ourselves and celebrate Jason's birthday a bit better (than with a trip to Changi..!), so we planned to have a nice dinner out. Child-free dinner might I add!
Jason looked on the internet for somewhere they would do ribs, as we had agreed that's what we felt like eating. He found a random restaurant in Dempsey Hill, that had seemed to have got very good reviews, so we set out for that one - The Prime Society. (They have a cool homepage by the way!)

Well... We did have ribs... And all I can say... is... ooooooaaaaahhhhh... They were good!!!

We hardly spoke during our meal, none of us. Maki had veal and Nathan a steak he still dreams about; Jason and I had the ribs. THE ribs!!! I promise, the best ribs I've ever had! We only had to hold on to the bone, and rattle it a bit - and the meat just fell off the bone!
If you are ever in Singapore - promise to go there:
The Prime Society. Dempsey Hill. Order the ribs, you won't be disappointed!


Jason said...

And don't forget the fantastic wine. Shame we weren't better rested and up for a wander to some of the other bars around there. Hacienda is my fave up there. Next time?

Katarina said...

Wow, såg gott ut! Kankse något att span in,,, reser inom kort till SIN.

Ha de gott!