Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Center of NZ

Nelson really turned on the most fantastic weather for us today, our last day in the South Island was sunny and warm. We spent most of it just chilling though.
First we took a drive along the coast out to the little town of Motueka where we had morning tea with this season's first 'hot cross buns', mmm!

Then we decided to look around Nelson town center, and spent a few hours in the shops and having lunch etc.

Linnea and I found this: 'The Swedish Bakery' where we bought some Swedish delicacies to feast on.

In the afternoon we went out to see something I'd seen marked out on the map: the 'Center of NZ'. Turned out it was on top of another biggish hill, and this time there was no indication on the information board on how long it was going to take; but we still decided to venture up.

It took us about 20 minutes of steady walking up the hill before we reached the top, the views and the special monument. It was a nice thing to see!
Here we are, at the 'Center of New Zealand'!

Also, just down from the hill there was a big clearing, where the first rugby game in NZ apparently once was played. Another special spot I'm happy we've seen!

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