Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sentosa Island; Part 1 - The Luge

Our main excursion this time around in Singapore, was out to Sentosa Island, where we'd never been before. We spent most of our Sunday out there and had a great day!

Sentosa Island offers lots of different attractions, like a Butterfly Park, Underwater World, Universal Studios, historical forts, spas, a Sky Tower, golf courses, beaches, bars, museums and much, much more.
Obviously we wouldn't have time to do it all in one day, so we decided to start off at the Imbiah Lookout, with a couple of rides on the luge. It seemed like something that could be fun for all of us!

It was the first time for the kids and me on a luge, and even though Linnea was actually tall enough to drive one herself, she was pretty happy going with Nathan. We bought two rides, so we could try both tracks - the shorter Forest Trail (650m) and the longer, more winding Dragon Trail (688m).
Here we are checking out the luge code of conduct:

Getting helmets for everyone:

We learned that the luge is actually a NZ invention!

Beautifully coordinated - AND matching with the helmets! :)

Off we went and where the trails split in two, I was first and chose the short trail as our first ride, but Lucas decided to go the other way (...) so we didn't come down together for a bit. *Sigh*...
I managed to get a photo of the family coming zooming down the Dragon Trail though after the trails merged again. Lucas is having a grumpy face because he had apparently fallen off his luge, taking a turn a bit too sharp:

Some in-between-rides snacks needed:

To get back up again for our second ride, we had to ride the Skyride. It only took a few minutes, but it was rather high. I don't know... since I've got "older", I've got afraid of heights... Isch, I didn't like this!

With a brave smile:

Yup, pretty high, and it got higher but by then I couldn't take pictures as I was holding on tight hoping for it not to stop...

Off we went for a second ride, this time Lucas managed not to fall off - here's Nathan and Lucas at the end:

In to park the luge and get on the Skyride again to get back up to the lookout point:

Lucas and the Foxs were in front of us on our second Skyride, and they had a few luges with them under their lift:

Linnea wasn't worried about the height at all, she just enjoyed the whole experience and talked non-stop all the way up about everything she could see:

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