Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Glacier Country

Oaw, what a day we've had! We've been in the car for nearly 10 hours, and the kids have handled it so, so well. Consider that our kids really aren't that used to long trips in the car, the can do long flights without any problems - but car trips are not quite the same.
At many places the road got really winding, and at one point poor Lucas let us know he wasn't feeling well... We stopped so he could get some air before it all went bad, but he got quite startled. He didn't really know what happened to him I think, he's never been car sick before. Lucky it didn't get any worse!

The best bit of today must have been between Wanaka and Haast. So beautiful! Endless mountains, blue, blue lakes and an amazingly colorful landscape. I read somewhere that this part is considered by many being the most scenic journey in New Zealand. I could believe that.

We covered quite a bit of our itinerary already today, actually only did a few stops. First for lunch in, a very odd, restaurant in Haast; then for a quick photo shoot at the beach once we reached out to the coast at Bruce Bay and finally at both the two big glaciers, the Fox Glacier and the Franz Josef Glacier.
Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy, so there was no point doing the extra detour to Lake Mathesen (famous for it's mirrored view of Mount Cook). We still saw Mount Cook later in the day though, from the glaciers.

Tonight we have now reached Greymouth, the biggest town on the West Coast, and a lovely motel. Time for some rest before we continue our road trip tomorrow!

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