Monday, 7 March 2011

Birthday fun at Changi Airport

There were two reasons we decided to visit Singapore this weekend. The first one being that we hadn't yet met little baby Erina who was born in November, the newest addition to the Fox family. Such a cutie:

The other one being that it was actually our friend Jason's birthday on Saturday, and we wanted to celebrate with him.
Well, after I got back from IKEA on Saturday we had great plans to take the kids down to the beach in the afternoon for a play and to watch all the amazing sand castles - only hitch, it poured down with rain! By this time we needed to get them out of the house for a bit though, so what to do?!
We went back to the airport!

Ha ha, Changi seems to be quite a popular excursion point in Singapore, even for people who are actually not going anywhere! We took the kids to the little playground and let them run around for a bit. They found this area where you could draw pictures:

All three of the kids had fun there for a while, even Lucas:

Until he found something more interesting - Cartoon Network (that is not working on our TV for some "strange reason"...):

They also found a slide that went all the way from one floor of the terminal down to another! Rather cool! Here comes Lucas:

"L for Linnea"! (Disregard the sign below her please...)

Upstairs they had a big event going on celebrating the new direct flights from Singapore to Rio de Janeiro; a big happening all with different things that you associate with Brazil - you could dress up as a carnival dancer, you could try Kinect football, you could play the drums...

They also had different Brazil-related performances throughout the day. We aimed at one we thought was a Samba-group, but it turned out to be two guys doing 'Freestyle Football' instead! Ah well, they were rather talented and at least Lucas was mighty impressed!
Especially since he was called up to stage to try one of their tricks:

He was supposed to lean forward with his arms out, and then balance the football on his neck while doing a spin.

First attempt he dropped the ball halfway around, but the second time he did a whole turn!! He was so happy with himself and he got a cool badge as a prize. Well done!

By now we didn't really want to drive anywhere else, so we made an executive decision to have dinner at Changi as well. So in the end Jason had birthday dinner at the Food Court at the airport (which was actually rather yummy!) AND lunch at McDonald's - what more can a big birthday boy wish for really..? :)

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