Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My special photo album

When I took today's photos off my camera, I was a bit disappointed I hadn't taken more photos of our fantastic drive today.
Every time there was a scenic lookout, I kept saying "let's stop at the next one", but in the end we just kept going. I wish above all I would have stopped at the glittery, blue Lake Hawea. It was so amazingly blue.
Honestly, I was too busy just staring out the window trying to store all the beautiful images "in my brain", as Linnea would say. Trying to store mental snapshots of all this beauty, in a special photo album I can use whenever I'd need a pick-me-up.

Those of you who have not yet been to New Zealand must think I'm exaggerating or being far too bias, since I keep raving about how spectacular everything is here. But, I have honestly not yet experienced an area of this country I didn't like. NZ truly has unparalleled beauty.

There is mountains, hills, lakes, rivers and waterfalls everywhere. NZ is breathtaking.
It's as simple as that.

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