Monday, 14 March 2011

Yo, yo - Easiyo!

As I've mentioned before, when it comes to dairy products in the supermarket, they are really, really expensive since they are all imported, mostly from Australia.
I still want the children to drink fresh milk (even though they don't seem to complain when there is none and they occasionally get the long-life milk), so I'll gladly pay the $8,80 for 2 liters, that it costs.

When it comes to youghurt, our kids used to eat immense amounts of youghurt when we lived in the UK. It stopped when we moved here when I couldn't seem to find any youghurt that was tasty enough. Either they were all to runny and tasteless, or they tasted far too artificial. I've only found one, that only I like though, that's worth buying - and even that one they don't always have, plus it costs $6,90 for HALF a liter!

So, the other day when I went to our 'deli' (well, closest we get!) to get more coffee beans, I decided it was time I tried something they had there - a youghurt maker!
A new thing to me, but since I've got it and told people about it, I've realized nearly every Kiwi owns one (it's a Kiwi brand) and it's very common to "make" you own youghurt - well, not for me! Until now!

It's a super easy thing to use. You just mix up a sachet with starter (comes in all different flavours, I'm working my way through them now to get to a winner) with water:

Then you put the container into the youghurt maker, which is filled up to a mark with boiling water:

Put on the lid and leave it there for 8-10 hours, or over night, until the youghurt has set:

And then pop it in the fridge to cool. Perfectly creamy, tasty youghurt! Mmm!

Apparently you can also use the youghurt you've made as a starter, and mix a couple of table spoons of that with water and milk powder? Even cheaper than buying the sachets, yes, but I haven't got that adventurous yet. I'll get there, but have many flavours to get through first!


Lisa said...

Try the Greek yogurt sachet - its the best one IMO and then you can add the strawberry topping, or even just jam to make swirls. mmmm :)

Katarina said...

Måst kolla om jag hittar det här i affären, låter intressant1

nellywss said...

oh wow... where did u buy d yogurt maker?

MrsW said...

Nellywss - Guan Hock Lee in Gadong.