Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pancakes at Punakaiki

After having spent the night at (what we found out was) the newest motel (and absolutely superb too!) in Greymouth, we set off yesterday morning for the second half of our road trip.
We didn't drive far before we reached the first stop for the day, something I really was looking forward to - the "Pancake Rocks" at Punakaiki.

This park was easily accessed and offered a lovely walkway around to get good views of these amazing formations.

These naturally layered rocks are consisting of limestone separated by thin bands of mudstone, which has then been worn away by thousands of years of rain, wind and sea spray.

There was also subterranean caverns in the park, that became blowholes as the waves surged in under the huge pressure, and exploded in a huge spray.

This was rather cool, what do you see?

And what about now?

It was just as spectacular and different as I'd hoped to walk around and admire these natural sculptures! Even the kids thought it was very exciting, and they took a lot of amazing pictures I'll upload at a later occasion.

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