Sunday, 20 March 2011

The only way is up

There is a Swedish site called 'Bloggportalen' (=the blog portal), where you can list your blog if you wish, to try and attract more readers.

I did just that a while back, more for fun than anything else, and you then have to decide which category your blog belongs to. There are all sorts of blog categories: food, religion, parenting, health, education, sport, sex, gadgets, language, music etc etc.
My blog wasn't hard to place, it fits quite nicely into this category: 'Svenskar boende i utlandet' (=Swedes-living-abroad), which currently consists of 2842 other similar blogs. (On a rainy day I'll sometimes surf around all these different blogs, there are a lot of interesting stories out there!)

They also publish Top-50 lists on the Bloggportalen, total, and for each category. F.e 'Most linked blogs in the category Swedes-living-abroad', 'Most chosen as favourite in Swedes-living-abroad' and this:

'Most visited blogs in category Swedes-living-abroad'.
Check it out - I'm currently on place 30!! Quite cool! Would be even cooler to reach Top-10, so the only way is up!

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